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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Caibarien, Cuba
 San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Camaguey, Cuba
 Playa Larga, Cuba
 Centro Habana, Cuba
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 Cuba Puerto Rico

Top Reviews in San Juan, Puerto Rico:

San Juan International Hostel Read all 49 full reviews for San Juan International Hostel

1452 Calle America
First time staying at this hostel and definitely would consider staying here again... the manager (F ...
The amenities at the hostel are on the SJIH web site, but I can tell you that you will be comfortabl ...
Hostel was close to a bunch of great places to eat, good nightlife nearby plus a small market for ba ...

Top Reviews in Playa Larga, Cuba:

Casa Pelicano Jocaos Read 1 full review for Casa Pelicano Jocaos

116, Playa Larga
Belle ambiance nocturne sur la playita en face de la maison .  Mais la plage de Playa Larga plus p ...

Top Reviews in Centro Habana, Cuba:

Apartamentos Maggy Habana Read 1 full review for Apartamentos Maggy Habana

Centro Habana
Magaly was a perfect and very pleasant host. The apartment was clean, spacious and had everything we ...

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