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Bed and Breakfasts & InnsBed and Breakfasts & Inns

Bed and Breakfasts & Inns - Work with us

Register your property on It's absolutely free! Our services are a perfect fit for B&Bs, inns, and hotels of all types. Get listed and immediately start gaining online reservations. Whether your property is large or small, watch your online exposure increase like never before.

Submit your bed and breakfast

Regardless of how you measure profits, Instant World Booking can increase your return on investment (ROI) dramatically. Here's how: Instant World Booking charges only 8% commission for online reservations, the lowest available in the industry. You probably already know that the majority of online services charge a minimum of 12%-30%. So, even if you use multiple online travel agencies (OTAs), your profit margin increases with every reservation you receive from

A properly executed marketing strategy can increase your B&B's profit margin by as much as 20% in a single year. The online tools you need include proper inventory management, social media, rising 'cumulative' search engine exposure, and decreasing online commission costs. Bed Breakfast Reservations offers services to achieve each of these goals.

1.Stop overpaying for online reservations. Most OTAs charge commissions between 12%-30%. Instant World Booking starts at only 8% commission. There are no membership fees.
2.Your free listing includes advertising across our network of highly targeted websites (over 100 in total). This is in addition to our extensive affiliate network.
3.Your hotel or bed & breakfast is instantly featured on dozens of pages. This includes one separate page for each language, multiplied by each of our sites. 15+ Translated Profile Pages - Your hotel is instantly featured on dozens of pages. This includes one separate page for each language, multiplied by each of our sites.
4.There are no membership fees, and we collect our commission directly from the customer, as a deposit. You never make a payment to us.
5.There's no limit to the number of photos your can feature on your free advertisement.
6.Our review system is intuitive, and includes a proprietary algorithm for weighting each aspect of the customer's experience, resulting in a more fair ranking. Display guest reviews on your own website.
7.Use your own policies, not ours. Use our optional Booking Engine for your website, and deposits are collected according to your own cancellation policy.
8.While instant reservations is the best method to use, only Instant World Booking offers a fully automated alternative for request-only reservations.
9.Use your favorite channel manager for inventory management. Or, save money and use one of our recommended channel management options.
10.Organic search rankings are not enough anymore. You pay nothing to list with Instant World Booking. We then develop and maintain a Google pay-per-click advertising campaign for your property that would cost you hundreds of dollars to maintain by yourself.
11.The perfect solution for instantly increasing profit margins. We guarantee a lower cost than any competing provider, or you get it for free.
12.If you currently use another online service to market your B&B or hotel, please contact Instant World Booking. We guarantee that we can offer the same or improved service for better economics. You can't lose.  Contact us
13.Do you want to increase profits by at least 20%? We can help you develop the right strategy. A carefully implemented strategy can be low-cost, yet high-impact. If you're new to our services, you may schedule a free telephone consultation to help you develop the right online marketing strategy. Please call today or send an email to schedule your free consultation.  Contact us

Submit your bed and breakfast today

Get started with a free advertisement for your bed and breakfast (you never pay us anything!), and start increasing reservations and profits with the leading low cost service for online bed and breakfast marketing.

Affiliate programsAffiliate programs

Affiliate programs - Work with us

If you own or operate any type of website, you can become an affiliate of Instant World Booking. Our affiliate programs enable you to earn extra money with your website by monetizing your traffic.

We offer an incredible selection of affiliate programs to choose from. Better yet, Instant World Booking offers the only affiliate programs that don't require registration. That's right, no waiting for emails and passwords from international support centers. And, when it comes to simplicity, our programs can be implemented in under 10 minutes. Check out our affiliate program demos, and choose the method that's right for you.  Types of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs for Bed & Breakfasts

A popular form of affiliate program is the custom booking engine for your B&B website. If you use our online reservation service, you can take advantage of our highly personalized reservation engine. This enables you to capture secure, confirmed reservations right on your own website. You can even use it to accept credit cards from your guests. Instant World Booking offers the lowest cost available anywhere for this service.  Booking engine for your hotel, hostel, or B & B website

Affiliate Programs for B&B Directories

If you wish to feature a directory of bed and breakfasts on your website, or already have one, add instant reservation capability with Instant World Booking. Perhaps you are setting up a new website, and wish to have travel reservation capability by adding a bed and breakfast directory. You can use our inventory of properties to publish a booking engine on your website. Instant World Booking offers a white-label solution for adding a bed and breakfast index and bed and breakfast reservations right on your website. We can introduce this capability to you with a surprisingly simple solution, and at zero cost to you.

If you already have a lodging directory, the essential capability to offer online reservations directly from your website is a powerful way to enhance your online services, and grow revenues. Even if you already offer some method of making reservations on your website, adding additional booking channels can dramatically increase the value of your website. Instant World Booking can realize this value for you by adding a booking channel.

Learn more about our affiliate programs, see demos, and get started in just minutes.  Getting started with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs for Travel Service Companies

If you are a travel agent, sell tours or activities, have a travel website, or perform any type of travel consulting, we can set up a customized affiliate program just for you. There are always additional ways to monetize the traffic your website receives. A customized affiliate program may be the perfect way to both increase your traffic and internet profits. Please contact us today to find out what a customized booking engine or affiliate program may achieve for your website.  Contact us

Affiliate Programs for Anyone

Virtually anyone with a website can make money with our affiliate program. We offer a unique new form of affiliate program called our Auto-Affiliate Program. It's called this because it is so easy, virtually anyone without programming experience can implement it on their website. There are no sign-ups or account forms to fill out. All you need to do is copy some simple code that we provide into your website, add your email address, and you're finished. The code places an attractive and unobtrusive link on your website. When anyone clicks the link to use our service to book travel, you earn a commission.

To quickly set up links on your website for our Auto-Affiliate Program, see:

Link to Us
More information on our Auto-Affiliate Program

Booking engines for your websiteBooking engine for your hotel, hostel, or B & B website - work with Bed Breakfast Reservations

Choose a better Booking engine for your bed and breakfast website

Instant World Booking offers a booking engine with more personalization for your website, flexibility with customer deposits, and easier setup. Most important, it's cheaper than any booking engine you can find for your bed and breakfast. We'll even install it for you at no cost. Please check out other reservation systems for your website, then compare with Instant World Booking.

Only Instant World Booking offers a Best Economics Guarantee. If you're considering another service with similar features, let us know. We guarantee that we'll provide the same (and usually better) service at a lower price. Why not increase your profit margin today?

Learn more about B&B Booking engines and view demos

Already have a booking engine for your bed & breakfast website?

Enquire now about our special discounts when you switch today from a competing provider.  Contact us

Why is Instant World Booking the better choice for your Booking engine?

Fully integrated, more features, lower cost, multilingual, multi-currency, etc. ... View the above link for a complete list of features and benefits only offered by Instant World Booking. Also, check out demos that show you exactly how your booking engine will work on your website.  Like our other B&B partners, if you're searching for ways to increase your ROI (return on investment), our reservation engine can give you an immediate boost in profit margin.

Choose Instant World Booking not only to increase profits, but also to enhance the functionality of your website. View our demos, then contact us today to get started. Try with no obligation and no setup costs.  For your bed and breakfast, there is no better reservation solution.

Channel managementChannel management - work with Bed Breakfast Reservations

So, what is channel management? You can manage your calendar only once, but populate multiple booking sites simultaneously. Now, IWB and MyAllocator offer connection to over 150 sites, plus the GDS, for one low price. The advantage is incredible time savings and convenience. You can eliminate hours and hours of work each week, managing calendars on multiple websites.

IWB has partnered with MyAllocator for years, offering one of the best solutions for channel management and property management. Because of our unique partnership, there are benefits only available to properties that become members of MyAllocator from the IWB interface. In fact, these benefits are unique to IWB users.

Benefits of using MyAllocator with IWB:
  • Free Trial. Then, prices starting from only $25 per month.
  • Use the IWB Calendar for free. Many users agree that our Calendar interface is the most intuitive and advanced for managing your availability. It's free, and similar features are available only at a cost from other providers.
  • Instant World Booking is the only service connected to MyAllocator which offers both a booking site (distribution) and a property management system.
  • IWB gives you access to the full MyAllocator interface. It's all available on the IWB interface, and there's no need to log into 2 systems simultaneously.
  • All your reservations from all channels will appear on one integrated booking list. This is the same efficient reservation tool you're already accustomed to on the IWB interface.
Learn more about bed and breakfast channel management

You get perfect integration between your website's Booking Engine and all your channels. Use IWB's Booking Engine on your website, and never worry about synchronizing your calendar with external booking sites. Our Booking Engine is an advanced solution that will enhance your customers' reservation experience.  Contact us

Link to UsLink to us at Bed Breakfast Reservations

Have a website? Link to Us

If you have a website, you already know that gaining quality inbound links is a key to success with search engines. So, you need links and we need links also. If you are a bed and breakfast, use our services, advertise on our site, contribute to our site, or travel with us, consider adding a link on your website to Maybe you simply like us. Add a link and show your support. We will be very grateful.

Creating website links has never been easier. Check out our custom link formats and banners. Add a link to your website in minutes. Even personalize deep links to specific pages on our website:

Create custom links for your website

How to Earn Money with Links

Convert ordinary links on your website into income earning links. See the page above for more on how to change your ordinary links into affiliate links that have the potential to make money. Our Auto Affiliate program enables you to add your email address to an ordinary link. Then earn 25% commissions on any customers you send to us. It's easy, and there are no registrations. Simply create your links, add your email address, and you're finished.

Bed & Breakfast Chains (Groups)Bed & Breakfast Chains (Groups)

Bed & Breakfast Chains (Groups) - Work with us

If you operate or represent a chain (group) of bed and breakfasts, the ability to manage all your properties quickly is a high priority. Chain accounts enable you to manage all your bed & breakfast properties with just one account. Instant World Booking offers unsurpassed speed and efficiency, even if you just have a few B & Bs. View and manage all your bed and breakfasts from just one interface.

Get started with a B & B Chain (Group) Account

Booking Engines for Bed and Breakfast Chains

Another great way your group can work with Instant World Booking is to use our Reservation Engine for your bed and breakfast websites. Our booking engine offers advanced features and integration, and a low cost that is guaranteed to beat any competing service. With Instant World Booking, you can get your B & B websites set up with our online reservations within 24 hours. It doesn't matter if you have just a few bed and breakfasts, or more than a hundred. We can set you up with a better online reservation solution at a lower cost within just days.  Contact us

Travel agentsTravel service companies at Bed Breakfast Reservations

Travel agents and Travel service companies - Work with us

Sell our bed and breakfasts to your customers, and earn a commission. You don't need a website. Simply use the links we provide to reserve accommodation for your customers. Or, send the links to your customers. They can book directly on our website. We track every reservation and send you 25% of the booking commissions you generate. All we need to track your activity is your email address. It's easy.

Sell bed and breakfasts with trackable links

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